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Canadian Distributor of Buckeye® Nutrition

Welcome to Aurora Wind Feeds! 


      We are proud to be the Canadian Distributor of Buckeye® Nutrition.

A part of the legendary Buckeye Nutrition team of professional nutritional staff with veterinary, farrier and trainer expertise, to give you the best-most innovative approach to equine nutrition management.


Founded in 2000, Aurora Wind Feeds is the result of a product doing what it said it would do....

That's where our story  began... 


Some time ago now, my husband and I decided to become horse breeders.  We chose Arabian horses because of their beauty and versatility.  We spent a good deal of time in researching bloodlines and learning confirmation faults and benefits.  In choosing the best bloodlines, you can still have a problem horse!  That led to my husband becoming a farrier (breeding creates a lot of hooves when they come 4 at a time!).  I then, needed a bit more education and chose to get certified in Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer and Stallion Collection/Evaluation, all jobs being equal~


 Twenty some horses later, WE DISCOVERED, IT ISN'T ENOUGH to know how to make a genetically beautiful and correct foal, if you don't know how to feed a horse!  If you don't realize how much nutrition plays a role in correctness and sustainability of that foal and the preservation of your broodmare band as well as the quality of semen your stallion produces, and the mental and emotional role that nutrition plays as well!


So Aurora Wind Feeds was born of a phone call to address our concern for our  very agitated and hyper stallion, who stayed too thin on tons of feed (brand X), and still knowing there was a better life for him, (he started out to be a good boy) and we knew we were doing something very wrong!  We called Buckeye Nutrition and were able to pick up enough feed for a month and behold, our stallion improved incredibly, did I say incredibly?  I meant phenomenally!!!  A full three months later he was not even remotely the same horse!  We began the long trek of bringing the feed into Canada now  the company known as Aurora Wind Feeds.


Our motto is borrowed from the now infamous movie Pay It Forward, because of the folks who mentioned the brand to us, we will endeavor to continue the ability to feed according to your horse's need not only by hay, weight and job, but by age, gender and attitude and emotion.  Feeding the Whole Horse is what we do!  So we will continue to bring this amazing product to as many animals as we are able, for as long as we are able!

2014 brings us into this study of clinical equine nutrition for 15 years now and we are still learning and improving, but we've come a long way and love what we've seen and continue to see!   The people and their horses that we've been blessed to meet along the way have all made it worthwhile in more ways than we can even begin to explain! 


We still have a passion for our horses, and breeding has changed a bit for us (for now), allowing us to explore the incredible racing lines of the epic Quarter Horse.

We absolutely still love to walk out to the pasture and sit and absorb the moments a horse can fill, drawing in each breath in slow anticipation of what good it is for the soul!

We are blessed! 




Donatello BA

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